General Dentistry Services in Tehachapi, CA

Since 1994, the team at Old Towne Dental have provided a comprehensive range of general dentistry services in Tehachapi, CA. Our dentist and dental healthcare team are proud to serve patients of all ages. We are committed to helping all of our patients feel comfortable and cared for during their dental visits. Our office features state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure our patients receive modern, up-to-date services.

Our goal is to provide patients with the highest quality dental care in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment. We do this by taking the time to get to know our patients and their needs. In addition, our team and doctor regularly complete on-going education and training.

Our general dentistry services include:

In order to maintain great dental health, attending routine dental exams and cleanings every 6 months is recommended by the American Dental Association. These appointments are important for patients of every age. During your visit, our hygienists with remove any plaque buildup and tartar from your teeth. This helps to prevent cavities. These cleanings help stop oral health problems. In addition, it gives our team the chance to examine your teeth and mouth for signs of periodontal disease, oral cancer, or irregularities.
Tooth colored or composite fillings provide patients with a virtually undetectable restoration option. This type of filling uses tooth-colored materials to treat cavities and prevent further decay from developing. It closes off spaces where bacteria can enter. In addition to decay and cavity protection, a filling provides protection against broken teeth. A tooth with a composite filling has improved color, strength, and stability.
When the pulp or nerve of a tooth becomes diseased or inflamed, or is affected by cavities or trauma, a root canal may be necessary. A root canal involves cleaning and disinfecting a tooth’s interior, then removing the infected pulp. The tooth is then sealed and restored with a crown or filling. This prevents future infections. It is important to have this condition properly treated, as your body is unable to heal this type of infection on its own.
In some cases, extracting damaged permanent teeth can help a patient return to optimal health. If an extraction is the right treatment option for you, we will work with you to determine the best way to replace the tooth. This preserves the aesthetics of your smile and prevents problems with surrounding teeth.
To save our patients time and ensure they are able to receive the highest quality dental restorations, our office provides CEREC Crowns. CEREC® stands for Ceramic Reconstruction and is comprised of several computer-assisted design (CAD) tools, and a milling machine that creates custom ceramic restorative devices. Our staff will scan the area of your mouth where the crown will be placed, then design the replacement restoration, and finally the replacement will be milled. This happens all during the same appointment! The appointment usually lasts 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
Dental sealants can benefit both children and adults. This preventive treatment is painted directly onto the tooth’s surface and is used to protect the biting surface on back teeth from decay and food debris. The natural grooves in these teeth can trap bacteria and food, which can multiply and cause tooth decay. When applied to the teeth, sealants create a barrier against these particles and help compensate for what toothbrushes cannot always clean.
We utilize the latest teeth whitening methods to ensure our patients achieve bright, radiant smiles. Together with you, we will determine the best whitening treatment to fit your needs and dental health.
When one or more of a patient’s teeth are missing, a dental crown may be used to restore that area of the mouth. This option can be used in place of teeth lost to gum disease, tooth decay, or injuries. A dental bridge is permanently fixed in your mouth and helps restore speaking ability, chewing, and facial shape. It is important to maintain a healthy mouth, jaw, teeth, and gums, as bridges are bonded onto surrounding teeth for support.
Veneers are used if you are looking to correct imperfections such as stains, gaps, or chips in your teeth. Made out of tooth colored materials or porcelain, veneers feel like natural teeth and are stain resistant. A veneer covers the front side of the teeth and are custom fit to your smile. This is a great way to make minor adjustments to your smile. To discuss if veneers are right for you, contact our office today.
Digital x-rays provides our staff and dentist with detailed pictures of your teeth, jaw, and soft tissues in your mouth. An x-ray is an important diagnostic tool, as it can help us in identifying sources of pain not visible during a visual examination. In addition, it allows us to find cavities, monitor your overall health, and check on developing teeth.
In order to help anxious patients feel more comfortable during their dental visits, we are proud to provide nitrous oxide or laughing gas. This sedation option is completely safe and effective for patients of all ages. Patients inhale the nitrous gas mixed with oxygen through a mask that fits over the nose. It is a smart choice if you want to feel more relaxed in the dental chair.

For more information about our general dental procedures or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office today at 661-822-6706. We look forward to meeting you!